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To celebrate National Poetry Day Alan Tracey of Knowledge Business Solutions performed rather than presented his 60 Second Presentation at this mornings meeting of BNI Premier. Alan eloquently educated members on the service he provides and the benefits to clients in need of a Business Coach in the form of a poem titled The Business Coach as Your Recognised Friend. 
The Business Coach As Your Recognised Friend 
When you wander lonely as a cloud, 
Because being a Business Owner puts you apart from the crowd; 
When, despite your best efforts, your time is not your own, 
And by Friends & Family, you are practically disowned; 
When you think that your team is lazy, or at best, disinclined, 
And you’re not quite sure how to engage with their minds; 
When Profits are bad and Cash Flow is worse, 
And you’re about to resort to speaking in verse; 
When you are fraught with tension and your mind is in trouble, 
Action is required, immediately and at the double; 
Think of Knowledge and Think of Alan, 
When you are finally ready to call a pal in. 
You’ll gain direction and focus, with accountable action, 
With the results that you require being the guaranteed reaction. 
When your business tether is finally at an end, 
Alan the Coach is the recognised Best Friend. 
Click Here to find out more about Alan Tracey and his company Knowledge Business Systems or visit his website at Knowledge.ie 
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