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ABOUT BNI PREMIER  Grow Your Business With Genuine Referrals  


WHAT IS BNI BNI is the most successful business networking referral organisation in the world, operating in 54 countries with over 150,000 members. There is over 1,200 members and more than 50 BNI groups in Ireland alone, passing thousands of referrals worth millions of Euros every year! In 2016 more than €53.8 Million worth of business was passed between members in Ireland  It is a proven method to succeed and we strongly believe the best way to build a better business. 


BNI’s philosophy is Givers Gain® 
If I give you business, you’ll want to give me business 
We teach our members how to attract and win more business using word of mouth through our unique Referral Marketing System – a tried and tested method for producing a constant flow of good quality, reliable new business just for you. It isn't as complex as it sounds and it works extremely well across any profession you care to name. 
BNI effectively helps you create your very own unpaid marketing team, because your fellow members refer people they meet directly to you as they go about their own daily lives. Why would they do this? Because they know you’re doing the same for them too. 


BNI PREMIER Part of the Worlds Largest Referral Organisation 
BNI Premier, previously BNI Abbey, was founded in 2001 and like all of us has been through a few ups and downs and has faced many challenges as the economy has grown and contracted. BNI Abbey re-branded in January 2017 by changing its name to Premier which was closely followed by the launch of the BNI Premier website. There are 21 members at present and we meet every Thursday in the Maldron Hotel at Dublin Airport at 6.45am to 8.30am where we represent a wide spectrum of local businesses throughout the north of Dublin city and North County Dublin. 
We are all local businesses that get together every week not to sell to each other, but to educate one another about our businesses and the new business referrals we are looking for. By taking this approach we generate a constant flow of new business referrals for members as we look out for new opportunities for each other. In 2016, through the power of referral marketing, we passed 700 referrals between us which generated nearly €800,000 worth of business for the members. Have a look at the Members Page to see who we are and the types of businesses we run. 


We are growing the group and strongly encourage other local businesses to join us at our meetings, so they too can benefit from this proven method to gain more profitable business as well as contribute to the success of the group. 
Introducing the Leadership Team 
President: Ailish Hughes - Leinster Hygiene Products 
Vice President: Sean Fahey - Fahey Media 
Secretary/Treasurer: Mark Pringle - Landmark Insurance 
Membership Committee 
New Applications, Renewals & Orientations: Caroline Kelly - Bank Of Ireland 
Education Coordinator: Jim Howe - GetReady.ie 
Power Team Coordinator: Diarmuid Everard - Printcom 
Events and Training Coordinator: Alec Davies - MN Davis 
Mentor Coordinator:  
Visitor Host Lead:  

Benefits of being a BNI Premier Member 

Part of the worlds largest referral networking organisation. 
Running your own business is challenging enough and very often a lonely endeavor. As a member of BNI Premier you will have a network of local like minded business owners representing a wide range of trades and professions looking out for your interests. The group also provide invaluable advice and support for you to call on when needed. We all adhere to the BNI philosophy of "Givers Gain" -'If I give you business, you will want to give me business' therefore all our members have a vested interest in your success. Membership give you the equivalent of having up to 20 unpaid sales people all out promoting your business. In 2016 the we generated 700 referrals and passed nearly €800,000 of business between members that equates to €44,400 per member. In addition if your company trades oversea's you may benefit from BNI's Global network which is in 54 countries and has over 150,000 members worldwide. 

Key Benefits of Membership 

Opportunity to grow your own business 
No competition - only one representative from each industry category can be a member in the group so you effectively block out any competition 
Referral marketing - a cost effect and proven marketing strategy 
Create strategic alliances with local business 
Grow your network of local businesses 
Access to a support network of like minded business people 
BNI training on networking and presentation skills 
Opportunity for cross chapter referrals in the Dublin region 
Access to BNI global network 
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